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Baker searches for historic ancestor

January 28th, 2016

The Mapmaker’s Soul – indigenous influences & untold stories about the early explorers

Book Launch/Reading with Wade Baker and Mary Tasi
Thursday, February 25, 2016
6:30pm to 8:00pm
Banyen Books & Sound
3608 West 4th Avenue
Cost: Free

Join award winning artists/authors Wade Baker & Mary Tasi for a special book launch/reading on The Hidden Journals, uncovering indigenous influences & untold stories about the early explorers.

The authors will describe a new and unique perspective on Captain Vancouver and his mapmaker Lt. Joseph Baker from the indigenous point of view. There will be book readings, and a presentation of the exciting seven year journey to find the information from museums around the world, and elder’s stories in Vancouver, England, Maui, and Hawaii. The authors will also do a guided talking circle after the presentation.

Wade Baker and Mary Tasi are the founders of Sky Spirit Studio, creating award-winning design, consulting and public art over the last 25 years. Their passion is to bring the complex thinking, mythical arts and historical storytelling of indigenous cultures to the world through their books and artworks. Wade Baker is descended from three royal First Nation’s lineages. Mary Tasi is a member of the Canadian Institute of Planners, and has specialized in historical research and innovative community engagement. The studio won Artist of the Year in 2015, and their art/books have been presented twice to the Victoria Legislature. Prince Charles unveiled their artwork “Canada’s North Star” in 2009, and the Royal Canadian Mint commissioned artwork for one of the millenium quarter in 2000.


“This is the story about the time of transition, when the waves were just meeting the shore. You are reconnecting the hosted to the host. You have a story to tell, vastly different than the one commonly known.”

Clifford Naeole, Cultural Advisor, Maui

“I like the idea in this book that we must make space for other interpretations of these times. We have to transform history into light.”

Dr. Jack Lohman, Chief Executive Officer, Royal BC Museum

“I loved this book. WOW. I love PNW history, and everything said is true. I never stopped to wonder why we did not know more about that time, or about Captain Vancouver’s interactions with the people he met. Thank you to both of you for doing the work and sharing it. This book is refreshing because it shows the struggles of a historian, and reminds us how history is interpreted and transformed into a narrative that is passed down. And if we don’t stop to question it, we will perpetuate it.”

Tracey Drum, Seattle

“This book is a refreshing delight to the senses, articulate and colourful. Primary records, images, oral stories, literary imagination and personal interviews come together seamlessly. The story provides a reconsideration of history, another interpretation that provides a welcome alternative to official histories we have all grown up with in BC.”

Joe Desjarlais, Principal, Northwest Trail Consulting
North Vancouver, BC


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