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“Two literary mavericks appreciated on May 22: publisher & author Howard White (left) and bookseller Don Stewart. Details here.” FULL STORY


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Susan Blacklin

Explore the legacy of the late Dr. Hans Peterson through the eyes of his ex-wife, Susan Blacklin, in her memoir… FULL STORY

C.S. Cowan

When her fifteen-year-old niece, Jessica, goes missing, Criminologist Maeve Rosetti returns to her hometown while navigating a complicated relationship with… FULL STORY

Tamar Griggs

Tamar Griggs was a young woman in 1968 studying art and dance in New York City when she accepted an… FULL STORY

Yeji Y. Ham

Everyday, Yewon grapples with the reality of her life. She is a young woman out of her job at a… FULL STORY

Jude Neale

A collaboration between a poet and an artist, Water Forgets Its Own Name (Ekstasis Editions $36.95) is a celebration of… FULL STORY

Onjana Yawnghwe

A family escapes from Myanmar’s military violence to Thailand, then Canada, carrying nothing but beat-up suitcases on a luggage cart…. FULL STORY

Shaoli Wang

Illustrated by Vancouver-based Shaoli Wang, The Three Sisters (Tradewind Books $24.95) due out in June, the narrative follows the story… FULL STORY

Shahnaz Qayumi

“You are a man now, take care of your mother,” Zia’s father whispered to Zia just as he is arrested–never… FULL STORY

Exile from paradise

LeBlanc shows how historical trauma is passed from one generation to the next, highlighting themes of endurance, hope and survival.

Sheri-D Wilson

In The ONEIRONAUT ∅1 (Write Bloody North $20.00), the first volume of the Rain trilogy, a brilliant scientist named Rain… FULL STORY

Naqvi makes her debut

Pakistani-Canadian writer Zehra Naqvi’s (at right) debut book of poems and prose, The Knot of My Tongue (McClelland & Stewart… FULL STORY

Robin Gregory

Co-authored with Brooke Moore, Robin Gregory’s book, Sorting It Out: Supporting Teenage Decision Making (Cambridge University Press $29.99) is a… FULL STORY

Caroline Woodward

Embark on a coastal adventure that engages the senses through Have You Ever Heard a Whale Exhale? (Pownal Street Press… FULL STORY

John MacLachlan Gray

Dora Decker, a.k.a. the Fatal Flapper, becomes internationally famous for stabbing her employer in 1920s Vancouver. Meanwhile Ed McCurdy, Canada’s… FULL STORY

Roy Henry Vickers

Discover the world of the West Coast’s animal groups in A Flock of Gulls, a Chorus of Frogs (Harbour $14.95)…. FULL STORY

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