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Angie Elita Newell

November 09th, 2023

Angie Elita Newell’s novel about historical injustice, All I See Is Violence (Greenleaf $34.95) intricately entwines the lives of Cheyenne warrior Little Wolf and Nancy Swiftfox, a single mother on the Pine Ridge Reservation in 1972. Little Wolf valiantly struggles to rebuild her people’s heritage, which was devastated in 1876 by US General Custer’s campaign against American natives that included killing anyone who refused to relocate to the Red Cloud Agency in South Dakota. The harrowing legacy has repercussions a century later as Swiftfox is raising four boys while facing economic and social challenges emanating from Custer’s actions. A compelling testament to stolen heritage, this book traverses time to illustrate the profound impact of violence over generations, while also seeking to heal through acknowledgment of the past. 9798886451320

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  1. John Cole says:

    Can’t wait to read this book! No doubt it will be heartbreaking but to feel the breath of history it promises will make for a powerful read and a richer understanding of both that period of time and the present.

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