Fertig’s new poems

“Poet, publisher and long-time supporter of the writing community, Salt Spring Island-based Mona Fertig (left) has released her first collection of poems in 14 years.” FULL STORY


Alexander Boldizar

June 27th, 2024

Preble Jefferson can see five seconds into the future, but otherwise leads an ordinary life. A subway confrontation with a cop goes wrong, allowing Preble to dodge a bullet—resulting in another man’s death. When government agencies discover his gift, a manhunt ensues, shifting their focus to military research. As Preble fights to protect his family, he must balance the cost of his ability against his humanity. The Man Who Saw Seconds (Clash Books $27.99) by author Alexander Boldizar explores time, the brain and the conflict between individuals and societal systems, keeping readers hooked until the last page. 9781960988072

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