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A new edition of Slumach’s Gold

June 25th, 2024

Originally published in 1972 as a small booklet called In Search of a Legend: Slumach’s Gold by authors Rick Antonson, Mary Trainer and Brian Antonson (left to right in photo at right/ photo by Neil Trainer), it became a bestseller and had to be reprinted multiple times. In 2007, Heritage House published an updated edition titled, Slumach’s Gold: In Search of a Legend. The latest edition of this book, Slumach’s Gold: In Search of a Legend—and a Curse (Heritage House $32.95) is being released in October 2024, and it is completely revised and fully updated, including colour photos throughout.

This new and expanded edition offers a detailed exploration of Canada’s most enduring lost-mine mystery. For over 130 years, the tale of Slumach’s hidden gold cache, reputed to contain nuggets “the size of walnuts,” has captivated treasure hunters, adventurers and historians alike. The exact location of this treasure, believed to be buried near Pitt Lake in southwestern BC, was lost when Slumach, a Katzie Nation man who had found the treasure, was executed for murder in 1891. According to widespread rumors, Slumach cursed the gold to protect it from interlopers and trespassers.

The legend of Slumach’s Gold has inspired countless prospectors, amateur sleuths and history buffs, becoming the subject of numerous books, articles, TV shows and podcasts. Despite many efforts to locate the legendary motherlode, it remains undiscovered—or so it seems. In this captivating edition, the authors meticulously sift through history and myth, separating fact from fiction while preserving the allure of the legend. Slumach’s Gold not only chronicles the relentless search for the treasure but also reflects on the human fascination with adventure, greed and the enduring promise of untold riches. The book keeps the mystery alive, suggesting that the gold—and the curse—may still be out there, waiting to be found. 9781772035186


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