Naqvi makes her debut

“Winner of the 2021 RBC Bronwen Wallace Award, Zehra Naqvi (left), is set to release her debut collection of poems and prose inspired by personal memory, family history and Quaranic traditions.FULL STORY


Keiko Honda

January 09th, 2024

Keiko Honda is a successful cancer epidemiologist whose life turned upside down when she contracted a rare autoimmune disease with a frequency of one case per million per year. Permanently paralyzed from the chest down, Honda moved to Vancouver, seeking a wheelchair-accessible home. She embraced art, forming a supportive artist’s community, which redirected her life to friendship, community and art. Her memoir, Accidental Blooms (Caitlin Press $26.00) draws parallels between Honda’s life and her watercolor art, illustrating profound transformation and the beauty found amidst adversity. 9781773861210

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