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A dead land tainted

November 06th, 2016

Journey to the Rift (Ink Smith Publishing 2016) is the first volume of a prequel to Cathi Shaw’s young adult fantasy series, The Marked Ones. For years her heroine Brijit Carnesîr was looking forward to her life as a member of the Coimirceoirí, upon her graduation from The Academy, and possibly going to Séreméla to work with the Elders, but instead, as the Academy Apprentice of her year, she is paired with a grumpy male apprentice from Stone Mountain, Weylon Forborrow. Instead of being taken to Séreméla, she and Weylon are sent to The Rift, “a dead land tainted with evil.” She is given the task of helping the Princess in birthing the long-awaited Queen of the Elders. There is talk of an old and forgotten Prophecy, Weylon is attacked by a creature from the Rift and her grandmother is killed, after revealing a secret that rocks everything Brijit knows about her past. Brijit faith in her belief system is severely shaken. Meanwhile the future of Séreméla and all of Five Corners is in jeopardy. For more info, visit ABCBookWorld.

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