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1950s Neverland

May 29th, 2020

Victoria’s Misha Handman has been shortlisted for the 6th annual Rakuten Kobo 2020 Emerging Writers Prize for speculative fiction for his novel Shadow Stitcher (Edge $14.95).

The award was created with the intention of bringing literary recognition to debut Canadian authors. A $10,000 prize is awarded to a book in each of three categories: Nonfiction, Literary Fiction and Genre Fiction (Speculative Fiction this year). In addition, each winning author receives promotional, marketing and ongoing communications support throughout 2020.

The judge for this year’s speculative fiction candidates is Andrew Pyper.

The winners will be announced in June, 2020.

Misha Handman started writing comics for his friends in elementary school, graduating to short stories and collaborative works. Shadow Stitcher is his debut novel.

From publicity about Shadow Stitcher: Basil Stark isn’t the man he once was. A reformed pirate and private detective, he walks the line between criminal and hero, living in the corners of what was once the island of Neverland, its magic slowly fading into the new world of the 1950s. But when a routine missing-persons case turns into a murder investigation, Basil finds himself pulled into a tale of organized crime, murder, unstitched shadows and dangerous espionage.

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