Richard Wagamese’s final novel

Eldon Yellowhorn reviews and recommends Starlight, the final fictional work of Richard Wagamese (left). Partially set in the Nechako Valley, it was almost complete when Wagamese died in 2017. REVIEW

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Bidini – Twigg joint statement

November 07th, 2018

“This is a joint statement by Alan Twigg and Dave Bidini about the incident at the Writers Union of Canada (TWUC) gathering in Vancouver on October 17, 2018. Following a presentation by the new TWUC Equity, Membership and Engagement Coordinator Rebecca Benson, Alan tried to make some comments he thought were in order but many found inappropriate. Dave then tweeted his disapproval of Alan’s intervention. Alan states, “In retrospect I can see the way I responded to the TWUC presentation was regrettable, and I apologize to all who were affected, especially Rebecca Benson.” Dave states, “I regret using the term ‘racist’ to describe Mr Twigg, who I have since learned has for thirty years been a notable supporter of all B.C. writers, especially Indigenous ones and rather than focus on our conflict, we’d like to re-centre the discussion on the important and beautiful work being done by Indigenous writers.”


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