Lovers and Other Shenanigans

In Des Kennedy’s new novel, a border collie called Shep maintains the bemused attachment appropriate for most human affairs.  Kennedy appears at the Denman Island Readers and Writers Festival July 19-22. REVIEW

Brazilian whacks

October 30th, 2017

In Grant Patterson’s first two books about a semi-reluctant, private eye in Brazil, we follow Will Bryant, formerly a Canadian cop, who is now in exile after a shooting incident in which he tried to save his fellow cop. He’s married, with kids, teaching ESL, trying to lead a respectable life. Sort of. Crime and bad guys have a way of crossing his path. Back in Slowly is set in Rio and Southern Cross is set in Sao Paolo. These stories are not for the squeamish–but then neither is Brazil. Part of their appeal as fiction is that they do NOT bow to political correctness. The stories involve nasty characters but there’s a constant, underlying degree of humour. It’s a great idea for a series. A professional editor might have made these adventures more saleable; but at the same time it’s Patterson’s rough edges as a stylist make these thrillers feel original. Born in Vancouver, Patterson graduated from SFU in Criminology in 1995 and recently retired from the Canada Border Services Agency. He lives with his wife and children in Brazil.


Southern Cross (tellwell 2017) 978-1-77370-017-5

Back in Slowly (tellwell 2017) 978-1-77370-033-5

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