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Putting “all men in the category of beasts and murderers is to embrace the same blind hatred of a sex which Andrea Dworkin accuses men of in their attitude toward women as nothing but sexual objects.” FULL STORY

Queen of the Godforsaken

June 24th, 2015

A writer of novels and picture books, shop and a blogger, rx Mix Hart wrote her first young adult novel Queen of the Godforsaken (Thistledown $14.95) while living in Kelowna with her husband and three children. Queen of the Godforsaken is a classic coming-of-age story. Lydia, the protagonist, moves with her family from the 1980’s urban world of Vancouver to an isolated farmhouse in Batoche, Saskatchewan. Lydia is distraught and appalled by almost everyone around her – her parents, the locals, and the strange land that is so unfamiliar to her. Her father has difficulty finding steady employment and her mother becomes suicidal. They start drinking and fighting. To make things worse, Lydia can’t relate to her classmates. A handsome, hockey-mad farm boy, Brady, and two elderly Francophone neighbours break through her exterior. Lydia learns to adapt by looking after her sister and her parents in their period of self-absorbed neglect. 978-1-771870-63-4

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