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Reviewer Ginny Ratsoy reports a new book touting the merits of Bard on the Beach will please everyone who can’t get enough of artistic director Christopher Gaze FULL STORY

Anne Cameron

#45 So long, Harpy

So long, Harpy. Hello, Le Dauphin   Can Justin Trudeau, Le Dauphin, begin to heal relations with First Nations? That won’t… FULL STORY

#44 Voting Day 2015

It was Voting Day. Todd came over and off we went to vote. In a village where everyone knows everything about… FULL STORY

#43 Fishing with Todd

There are some days which nestle comfortably within memory, days which are gems, touched with magic and filled with quiet… FULL STORY

#39 The Hemlocks

Hi darling’, Egad it’s hot! I was out before six this morning drenching the flower containers and the bean patch. I… FULL STORY

#34 Home Reno Daze

Hi, ya, darlin,’ My neighbour is painting my living room. Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time. It’s been… FULL STORY

#33 Handshakes R Us

Hi, darlin,’ We’re having another glorious “sucker hole.” Sun is shining brightly; already the roofs are starting to steam. The… FULL STORY

#32 Miracles never cease

Hi Darlin’: My ten-year-old granddaughter Lilli is visiting (HOOORAY!!!), and my “daughter of another mother,” Deb, joined us for Easter…. FULL STORY

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