“Too wise to woo peaceably”

The scornful lovers Benedick and Beatrice merge with La Dolce Vita in Bard on the Beach’s clever adaptation of Much About About Nothing starring Amber Lewis and two Vespas. FULL STORY


Le Bel epoque

In 2017, songstress and poet Pauline Le Bel has launched a series of reconciliation events in collaboration with the Bowen… FULL STORY

Talking the walk

Between 1986 and 2011, the aptly named Derek Walker Youngs devoted much of his life to peace, leading to his… FULL STORY

From Barbados to B.C.

In her first published collection of poetry, Thin Air of the Knowable (Brick $20), Wendy Donawa writes of the physical… FULL STORY


Once upon a time there were practical skills such as how to change a carburator or pluck a chicken. We… FULL STORY

The boys in the van

As a pop music aficionado, Grant Lawrence must have known before he decided to publish his memoir of being lead… FULL STORY

Fir Valley

Jason Turner of Vancouver is a comic book artist whose first graphic novel, Fir Valley (2017), is set in North… FULL STORY

Grub & grapes

Kimberley Veness of Adams Lake learned to love land, animals, growing food and the smell of manure on a ninety-acre… FULL STORY

Always a bridesmaid

Indefatigable author Neil McKinnon, has come close to winning three literary awards this year. His unpublished manuscript, Yoshida’s Sword, placed second… FULL STORY

Utopians R Us

Andrew Scott’s well-researched The Promise of Paradise: Utopian Communities in British Columbia (Harbour $24.95) is a revised and updated second… FULL STORY

Oghma’s In Your Face

After a severe accident caused agnosia—the inability to recognize and identify objects or persons—Emisch Oghma of Victoria began studying and… FULL STORY

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