The White House and White Rock

No balloons. No speeches. As Canada Day approaches we look at Brandon Dimmel’s book on U.S.-Canada border relations, how they evolved from World War I, with a focus on White Rock. Review by Keith Regular FULL STORY

Love & other natural disasters

April 24th, 2017

How do you follow up winning the Alice Munro Short Story Contest? In the case of Leanne Dunic, you write and publish your first book. To Love the Coming End (Bookthug $18). The story follows the protaganist as she moves between Singapore, Canada and Japan. Obsessed with natural disasters as well as emotional upheavals such as the loss of a loved one, Dunic captures what it is like to simultaneously experience global trauma, her place in history and personal loss. Her work has appeared in magazines and anthologies in Canada and abroad. She is the singer/guitarist of the band The Deep Cove and also the Artistic Director of the Powell Street Festival Society. 978-1-77166-282-6

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